Papyrus Essence Oil


Papyrus Essence Oil is used in all of House of Ra’s Pharoanic Chakra Sprays and Gods and Goddess Sprays


The Egyptians knew of the higher vibrational  levels of  Egyptian Papyrus Essence  Oil


Kings and Priests in Ancient Egypt were familiar with far higher spiritual levels than we in our time can imagine.


They had knowledge about other spiritual worlds in the universe, and they were able to ‘remember’ to be part of the Divine Unity.


Papyrus Essence  oil is for the higher Chakras, which exists between the Human and the Universe,
it leads us to be part of all, how to be able to be and to communicate with other worlds and to be able to shine, to deliver and to give.

It allows us to reconnect with our higher self.
The Papyrus Essence oil shows the way to be above and below, to communicate between the universe and human, between masculine and feminine and between all opposite sides, also to let your imagination go very far away, not to be on a tight physical level, but to enjoy communication as a “member” of the whole universe.

Papyrus Essence oil connects us with circumstances or past lives of many, many thousand years ago, so that we can face very different lives on the Earth or on other planets, as well as to remember our knowledge and our potential, to use it here and now.

Just like Blue Lotus Papyrus is grown along the Nile and holds so much hide information  from Ancient times.

The Papyrus plant was and still is very important to the Egyptian people.  you can combine Blue Lotus Oil with Papyrus to further enhance your meditations or receive past life information.

For a much deeper connection it can be added to Golden Water


Pure Papyrus Essence  Oil 100% pure highly concentrated Egyptian Essence

All Shezmu essences are Transcendence Egyptian Essences and some are rare. Most have never been heard of here in Australia and around the world

They are powerful, clear therapeutic quality essences and carry a very high vibration for energy, healing or meditation work.

Imported into Australia by Shezmu Oils.   House of Ra is one of a handful of distributors in Australia supplying their oils.    Shezmu Oils only source the best   Egyptian  Essences on the planet with a team of people on the ground in Egypt.

We place all our oils under our pyramid here at House of Ra and call the Ancient Egyptian  Gods and Goddesses  in to bless your oil.

Shezmu Oils are the same oils which are used by all the French perfumery companies which source their essences from the same Egyptian Supplier

Shezmu Oils are the only Australian Company  currently importing these beautiful essences

Shezmu Oils is a sister company to My Egypt which is located in Mudgeeraba Queensland Australia.

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