Egyptian Golden Water


Egyptian Golden Water

Egyptian Golden Water Essence  is a wild Egyptian Reed Plant  which to some smells like peppermint however it is not and holds a very high vibration.   Works really well with our Blue Lotus and Papyrus Essences

Egyptian Golden Water Essences opens us to receiving intelligence, guidance and support from other intelligent beings on other planets in the universe.

The Ancient Egyptians say that this was the third gift given to the Christ child by the 3 wise men, its healing and restorative powers are beyond measure.

Egyptian Golden Water Essence enhances the frequency of all of our chakras and expands our awareness.

Our potential to create the life we want for ourselves while being a guiding light for others is unremarkable.

Using Egyptian Golden Water Essences will assist you greatly on your own spiritual path, it helps us to re-member what the Divine purpose of our soul is.



Egyptian Golden Water

All Shezmu essences are Transcendence Egyptian Essences and some are rare. Most have never been heard of here in Australia and in fact around the world Egyptian Golden Water is no exception.  In fact in believe it is one of the most under estimated essences  on the planet today.

It is a  powerful, clear therapeutic quality essences and carries  a very high vibration for energy, healing or meditation work

Egyptian Golden Water Essence Oil is also one of the best pain relieving essences on the market today

Can be combined with Blue Lotus and Papyrus  only a very small drop is required as this oil can be to hot for some.



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